Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The one where I take back the previous post

Sigh, what I thought was The. Perfect. Yarn. ended up being "the perfect yarn if you can knit with laceweight...apparently I am not in that category. The good news is, I am still confident that I will knit MS3, with beads. Just so happens it will be with fingering weight yarn instead. So, here I sit waiting for my newest stash inhancement and yarn to be used for MS3 getting further and further behind (fortunately we have a week off, not that a week will help me any, lol).

I have decided to do a knit-along with my crochet group (weird, huh) of a Harry Potter scarf (house to be decided by each individual). I am going to go Griffyndor but probably all the other houses as well - at least that is the theory, I am going to buy all the colors anyways. hehe

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cast off...er, on

As crazy as this may sound, I signed up for MS3 "Mystery Stole 3" (the knit-along along with 6400 + people) on the next to the last day possible. I ordered some awesome yarn which when I received it wasn't quite right. So I ordered some new yarn (meanwhile I am 3 weeks behind on the clues). I just got my new yarn today and it is beyond perfect! It took my breath away and I cried with joy. So, tonight I will be casting on and am hoping to make some progress (as I am now almost 4 weeks behind).